-Cats and Big Cats-

Domestic house cats are just like wild big cats! But, you don’t let a tiger into your house!

But why?

Well there are several reasons… they are so big they might not fit.

What if you have a big enough house?

Tigers are bigger than most humans so you might not be able to keep your house as your own! It might take over!

What if you had a specific room for your tiger?

Well that room would need to be big and probably have access to the outside!

What if you had all that?

Food is expensive you have to give them a lot of raw meat and thats expensive!

What if you had enough money?

If you made him/her mad it might get ugly!

What if you didn’t make them angry?

They have a lot of energy so you would need to be able to drain that down… ok if they had access to the outside that would mostly be fixed!

So if you had all that you could let a tiger or other big cat into your house… but I would highly recommend not doing so!